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PR: Revolutionizing Aligner Treatment: ProntoAligners with True Anatomical Mechanics

Updated: May 2



Blue Sky Bio LLC

Chicago, Illinois,  April 30 2024, 09:00 ET


BlueSkyBio, a leading innovator in dental technology, today announced the launch of ProntoAligners, a groundbreaking clear aligner solution powered by True Anatomical Mechanics. This revolutionary AI-driven technology addresses a critical shortcoming in traditional aligner planning, delivering unprecedented accuracy and predictability in tooth movement.

The Problem with Traditional Aligners

Current aligner solutions rely solely on the visible crowns of teeth for treatment planning. This neglects the crucial role of root anatomy in determining tooth movement mechanics, often leading to inaccurate predictions and the need for time-consuming midcourse corrections in over 50% of cases.

The ProntoAligners Difference

ProntoAligners change the game by incorporating root anatomy into the planning process. Utilizing advanced cone beam CT scans and a proprietary AI engine, ProntoAligners calculate precise force vectors based on complete tooth structures. This ensures tooth movement is planned with exceptional accuracy, minimizing the need for refinements and maximizing treatment efficiency.

Benefits for Dentists and Patients

  • Predictable Results: True Anatomical Mechanics delivers highly predictable tooth movement, leading to superior clinical outcomes.

  • Faster Treatment Times: Reduced need for midcourse corrections significantly streamlines treatment, saving time for both dentists and patients

  • Enhanced Patient Experience: A smoother, more comfortable aligner journey with fewer appointments boosts patient satisfaction.

"With ProntoAligners, we're empowering dentists to provide the next generation of care in aligner therapy," said Dr. Sheldon Lerner, founder at BlueSkyBio. "Our True Anatomical Mechanics technology is a true breakthrough, setting a new standard for accuracy and efficiency in orthodontic treatment."

Call to Action

BlueSkyBio urges dentists to experience the future of aligner treatment. Visit to learn more, watch informational videos, and get started with ProntoAligners.

About BlueSkyBio

BlueSkyBio is committed to developing innovative dental solutions that elevate patient care and optimize clinical practices.


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