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Predictable TAD Placement with TAD Surgical Guides! Now Available!


Revolutionize Your Orthodontics Practice

Introducing TAD Surgical Guides


A TAD Surgical Guide is your key to achieving unparalleled precision in orthodontic anchorage. These guides empower dental surgeons to pre-plan and place TADs with utmost accuracy, facilitating seamless integration into your treatment plans.

Why Choose TAD Surgical Guides?

Service Details:

  • Cost: $70 +$29/TAD

  • Includes: Design and fabrication of a precise surgical guide for TAD placement

Experience the Difference:

Ready to elevate your orthodontic practice to new heights of precision and efficiency? Don't miss out on the opportunity to integrate TAD Surgical Guides into your workflow. 

Transform precision into perfection with TAD Surgical Guides.


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*The above offers are available in the USA only



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