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Streamlined Workflow For Immediate Load TiBase Crown With AI Automatic Tooth Design


Custom Immediate Load TiBase Crowns With A Few Clicks

Leverage AI Powered Automatic Tooth Design


Imagine streamlining your immediate load implant workflow in seconds. With BlueSkyPlan V4.13's new TiBase Crown functionality, you can effortlessly convert Automatic Tooth designs into beautiful, functional crowns in just a few clicks. This isn't just faster - it's free! 

Design and export your crowns directly within the software, or as a BlueSkyBio customer, order complete crowns (design & manufacturing) at no additional cost. Give your patients the confidence of immediate load restorations, while enhancing your practice efficiency and profitability.

Immediate Load TiBase Crown:

Streamlined Workflow with Automatic Tooth Design


Featured Offer


free dental crowns offer from blueskybio

*Above offer are currently available in the United States Only


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