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Educational Video: Crown Down Implant Planning to Surgical Guide With Fully AutoSegmentation


Auto Alignment, Auto Nerve Detection, Auto Jaw and Teeth Segmentation

Proper Treatment Planning for 18 and 19


Thank you to Dr. Robert Mikhli for submitting the case.

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In this video, Dr. Robert Mikhli dives into meticulous implant planning, using the BIO | Max Implant system, (and the fully guided surgical kit) for teeth 18 and 19 using cutting-edge tools. Leveraging a CT scan and Blue Sky Plan's jaw segmentation, he visualizes nerves, bone, and soft tissues in 3D detail. Intraoral scans are overlaid for comprehensive planning, leading to a custom wax-up and optimal implant placement that minimizes nerve risks and maximizes tooth support. Finally, a surgical guide ensures precise execution, showcasing the power of technology in efficient, accurate implant treatment.

Crown Down Implant Planning to Surgical Guide (18, 19)


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BIO | Max Prosthetics are compatible with NobelActive® NP implant platform.


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