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Restorative-driven TX Planning & Surgical Guide Design with BlueSky Bio S/W

Renowned implantologist, Dr. Rob Mikhli, will show you how to plan implant treatment & design a surgical guide using Blue Sky Bio software.


LIVE Patient Surgical HANDS ON

This course is for dentists with basic understanding of guided surgery and implant placement who want to learn how to diagnose, plan, and fabricate all the components to execute a guided surgical placement of dental implants.


6-Day Basic Computer Guided Surgeries on Patients

Course designed for recent grads and beginners who have placed 0-25 implants and want to master basic computer guided surgeries. We will screen 40 underprivileged patients and they will receive free implant placements.


Dentures: Fit, Bite, and Smile at CAD-Ray Vegas

Learn how to make great dentures using both analog and digital processes.

Online Course

Step-by-Step 3D Printing Your Own In-Office Clear Aligners

We teach you the secrets, step-by-step on how to set-up your cases (or outsource setup!) and then 3D print models for aligners, vacuum forming aligners, and then finishing and delivering them to the patient!

The clear aligner course is eligible for up to 33 hours of continuing education credits.

Online Course

Digital Dentistry Course 2.2

The Course Is Ideal For All Levels; from Beginners to Advanced Users; Dentists and Lab Technicians.

If You Are Thinking About Integrating Equipment or Software Let Us Guide You thorugh the Different Workflows to Make the Best Decision.

Online Course

Dynamite Dentures Course Access

Get access to Dynamite Dentures online course.


2Day Digital Orthodontics - Live Course Recording

This is an edited down recording of a live course held in my office and streamed online. This allows the viewer to review all the same content delivered in the course, at his or her leisure.

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