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Take Implant Treatment Planning To The Next Level! Completely Automatic Segmentation of Airways, Teeth, Jaws and Nerves!


FREE Segmentation of All Relevant Anatomy For Optimal Implant Treatment Planning

Maximum Segmented Anatomical Data FROM Your Patients FOR Your Patients!


BSP V4.13 contains SINGLE CLICK, Completely Automatic AI segmentation of Airways (NEW), Teeth (includes impacted teeth), Jaws and Nerves.

The user can EASILY use continue with the segmented data to implant placement and Surgical Guide design. The segmented data can also be exported from BlueSkyPlan as STL files.

This functionality is currently being offered FREE of charge.

Completely Automatic AI Segmentation of Teeth, Airways, Jaws, and Nerves

visit blueskybio user group

download blueskyplan

buy blueskyplan exports

*Airway segmentation available in BSP Version 4.13


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