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New Video: Esthetic Digital Gingivectomy Without Fear!


Step by Step Tutorial for Gingivectomy Guides


Gingivectomies do not come with an eraser. When when performing a gingivectomy it's important to get it right the first time. One way of doing so is precise aesthetic digital planning with a guide so that the performance of the gingivectomy matches exactly to the original plan.

This video is focused on those cases with APE in which we will learn how to use BlueSkyPlan to precisely mark where the CEJ is, determine the 3mm that we must ensure from the new gingival margin to the bone crest , and make the windows for the gingivectomy following the shape of the tooth using the automatic CBCT segmentation.

Dr. Miquel Àngel Nicolau Sansó

Odontólogo especialista en restauradora y prótesis. --------------------------------------------

Youtube @dr.manicolau

Instagram @dr.manicolau

Surgical Guide For Gingivectomy In Patients With APE


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