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New Video: Clinical Planning of Crestal Sinus Lift Implant Case


Achieving Optimal Results in Sinus Lift Surgery with Dr. Robert Mikhli


Thank you to Dr. Robert Mikhli for submitting the case.

Additional Resources for Dr. Mikhli

Facebook: @rob.mikhli

YouTube: @RobMikhliDDS


Dr. Mikhli explains the importance of checking adjacent teeth before sinus lift surgery. If there is an infection, it needs to be addressed before placing the implant and the relevant implant selection.

He recommends using Blue Sky Bio BIO | Forte implant, which has aggressive threads to cut into soft bone.

Dr. Mikhli explains the planning process using a case where the implant needs a sinus bump. He shows how to use the segmentation tool to segment the maxilla and teeth from the jaw. This allows for more accurate treatment planning. 

The guide is designed to allow the drill to go just shy of the sinus and then a small push will break through the sinus membrane.

Treatment Planning Simple Crestal Sinus Lift and Surgical Guide

Adding Sinus Lifts to Your Practice

In Person & Online | June 30, 2024 | Dr. Robert Mikhli

Learn how to achieve excellent results with sinus lifts in a live hands on course -- available both in person and on Zoom.

Sunday, June 30. 9am-5pm EST

Brooklyn, NY, USA.


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BIO | Forte implants are prosthetically compatible with NobelActive® NP platform prosthetic abutments**.

BIO | Forte Prosthetics are compatible with NobelActive® NP implant platform.



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Dual Use Sinus Lift Kit


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One kit does both



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