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NEW! Automatic Surgical Guide Curve Revolutionizes Surgical Guide Design!


New Automatic Surgical Guide Curve Makes It Easier Than Ever To Design And Manufacture Surgical Guides


Automatic Surgical Guide Curve:

The Future of Surgical Guides Is Here!

Did you know that all New BlueSkyPlan users

automatically get 2 free cases?!


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BlueSkyPlan offers a free surgical guide design and manufacturing service for users who are using BlueSky Bio implants. 


Featured Products



New Dental Implant Photogrammetry Scanner



Supremely Accurate Dental Implant Scanner

  • ± 6 micron repeatability*

  • Battery powered and wireless

  • LCD display

  • Free software

  • Affordable hardware

  • Open platform

  • View All Features and Specifications



Dual Use Sinus Lift Kit


Guided/Non Guided Dual Use Sinus Kit

One kit does both


*Above offers are currently available in the United States Only


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