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Get a Free Crown When You Buy a SkyBase Abutment!


Get a Free Crown When You Buy A BlueSkyBio SKYBase Abutment

Design and Manufacturing Included The Crown and SKYBase Abutment Will Be Delivered Together


BlueSkyBio offers a completely free crown when buying a SKYBase abutment. Design and manufacturing included.


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  • Immediate Load Tibase Crown: Streamlined Workflow with Automatic Tooth Design. Watch Now


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New Dental Implant

Photogrammetry Scanner


Supremely Accurate Dental Implant Scanner

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  • Battery powered and wireless

  • LCD display

  • Free software

  • Affordable hardware

  • Open platform

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*Above offer is currently available in the United States Only



Dual Use Sinus Lift Kit


Guided/Non Guided Dual Use Sinus Kit

One kit does both




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