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"BSP is an Impressive Tool for Planning and Guide Design" Dr. Scott Ganz

Thank you to Dr. Scott Ganz.

Additional Resources for Dr. Ganz:


"I continue to be impressed by the latest update in BlueSky Plan software. The automatic tooth and jaw segmentation is an excellent aid for diagnosis, treatment planning, and surgical guide design.

Additionally, when you present these images to the patient they become more involved with their own treatment through this highly educational medium.

Thanks to the team at BlueSky Bio for their efforts to constantly improve an already great product!"

- Dr. Scott Ganz

How would you treat this maxillary arch??

Did you know that all New BlueSkyPlan users

automatically get 2 free cases?!


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New Dental Implant Photogrammetry Scanner



Supremely Accurate Dental Implant Scanner

  • ± 6 micron repeatability*

  • Battery powered and wireless

  • LCD display

  • Free software

  • Affordable hardware

  • Open platform

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*Above offer is currently available in the United States Only



Dual Use Sinus Lift Kit

dual use sinus lift kit


Guided/Non Guided Dual Use Sinus Kit

One kit does both

Dual Use Sinus Lift Kit


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1 Comment

Jul 03

me parece un sistema de diagnostico excelente


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