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Step-by-Step 3D Printing Your Own In-Office Clear Aligners

We teach you the secrets, step-by-step on how to set-up your cases (or outsource setup!) and then 3D print models for aligners, vacuum forming aligners, and then finishing and delivering them to the patient!

The clear aligner course is eligible for up to 33 hours of continuing education credits.


Ricostruzione 3D Facciale a Partire da Fotografie con Software 3D Gratuiti e Low Cost (per comunicazione medico-paziente).

In questo corso verranno fornite tutte le informazioni di base sulla fotogrammetria, sulla fotografia e sull’uso pratico dei software 3D necessari per ottenere un modello 3D facciale finito e privo di errori utilizzabile in altri software di modeling 3D. In particolare il corso fornisce tutte le informazioni tecnico-pratiche per ottenere un modello 3D facciale perfettamente integrabile all’interno del software 3D gratuito di Chirurgia Guidata e Ortodonzia Digitale “BlueSkyPlan”.


2Day Digital Orthodontics - Live Course Recording

This is an edited down recording of a live course held in my office and streamed online. This allows the viewer to review all the same content delivered in the course, at his or her leisure.


Orthodontics Course

Brief presentation of CBCT software on the market and dicom and stl file types.
Dicom file types: singleframe and multiframe
Conditions for obtaining an stl acquisition usable in creating orthodontic setup
Explanation of Blue Sky Plan software workflows importing STL-s to STL export of the clear aligners.