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Gain Experience with Aligner Cases While Providing the Highest Level of Patient Care!

A BlueSky Aligner Clinical Mentor will oversee your aligner cases so you can deliver the highest standard of care to your patient, while you become an aligner expert. 


Leveraging BlueSky cutting edge technology and value packaging you can receive the most complete ortho package on the market (including mentoring!) for the price other companies charge for just the aligners!


How Much Does it Cost?

The world's most complete and robust aligner solutions costs only $1,975 including the actual aligners and everything listed below!

What is included?

The BlueSky Aligner Mentoring Package includes

  • AI Powered 2D Smile Design (

  • Preparation of the Digital Tooth Setup 

  • Viewing the Digital Tooth Setup in Online Viewer (coming soon) and / or  BlueSkyPlan Software, and / or Video export 

  • Remote Review Session (up to one hour) where the BlueSky Clinical Mentor teaches, explains, reviews, discusses the particular aligner case

  • Manufacturing of Aligners necessary for the case

  • Remote Monitoring Clinical Dashboard and Case Tracking

  • Remote Monitoring Scope and Patient App (

  • Mentor will review Remote Monitoring Scans (one scan set per aligner change)

  • Mentor will contact you if the teeth are not tracking properly

  • Midcourse refinement digital plan and review by the mentor (one per treatment)

Who are the BlueSky Mentors?

BlueSky Aligner Mentors are orthodontists with experience planning and treating hundreds of aligner cases and have the relevant training and expertise to mentor you on your cases!


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